Thursday, January 30, 2003

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I'd be remiss if I didn't point out some very interesting discussion about my blogging rules post going on at AKMA. These folks are whip-smart and they don't entirely agree with me.

Mostly I'm just pleased to have been introduced to some amazing theologians. (I bet you never guessed that grad studies in theology were my back-up plans in case I wasn't accepted into Anthro/Soc programmes!) Meet Rev. Adam (Proprietor of AKMA, Professor and student of theology and technology, as well as postmodern criticism of the Bible) and Trevor Bechtel (visiting Professor of Theology and Ethics, also pursuing a PhD in Constructive Theology). I was also introduced to Steve's site onepotmeal - where he offers up thoughtful commentary on my post and much else. And ditto for Tom at IMproPRieTies.

Actually, before this list gets more out of hand, it's worth checking out the sites of all the bloggers who offered comments ;)

And one final thought on some of the comments over there: I worry a bit when people find my writing completely unintelligible. I especially worry when I choose language that is far less articulate (i.e. specialised) than would make me happy - simply in order to be understood enough to begin a conversation - and people still don't get it. I must be approaching this interdisciplinary communication thing all wrong...


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