Wednesday, January 22, 2003


I got an email yesterday asking me how I felt about the prospect of war - given my sometimes explicit support of revolution. I was a little stunned that anyone would even ask, since I make a clear distinction between revolution and war (revolutions are about bottom-up ethics, where society changes the state - rather than about top-down morality, in which the state changes society). And I am way against this war. Every time I watch the news, I get a sick, sinking feeling in my stomach. At my most paranoid, I fear travelling in the US because I am convinced that something really bad will happen sooner or later and I'd prefer not to be there. Hell, right now I don't even really like living next door to the US, for fear the lunacy and impending violence will spill over the border! (Although I am able to distinguish between government and citizen, and am grateful to know many wonderful and sane Americans.)

But take this recent post from Allen Coombs (no source given):

Richard N. Haass, Director of U.S. Policy Planning Staff states that "the principal aim of American foreign policy is to integrate other countries and organizations into arrangements that will sustain a world consistent with U.S. interests and values, and thereby promote peace, prosperity, and justice as widely as possible."

A world consistent with U.S. interests and values? Yikes - that's just scary and wrong! Historically, empires have simply tried to keep the barbarians at their own gate (just think of the Great Wall of China) - but what happens when the US wants to gate the entire world? [UPDATE] The Fortress Continent expands.

Still, I have faith in the power of protest, and admiration for small efforts like the poster gallery [via socialdesignnotes]



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