Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Two things on my mind this Monday morning

First, I'd really like to play a few games of Pooh-Sticks with a faraway-friend before the waters freeze. When you play Pooh-Sticks you don't need to talk. You just be with each other and everything else melts away...

Second, I scored a bottle of absinthe yesterday. This won't be interesting to people who live in civilised parts of the world, but absinthe only recently became available in Canada after a hundred-year ban. So I now have a bottle, an absinthe spoon and some sugar cubes. And I'm recruiting friends to drink with me ;)

When I conjure the Green Fairy, I see Van Gogh hanging out with Rimbaud and Verlaine, drinking too much absinthe and lopping off his ear in a fit of lover's anguish and wormwood-induced dementia. And I see Degas', Manet's and Picasso's Absinthe Drinkers.

But it seems that this imagery does nothing to convince my friends that we should indulge! Where the hell is people's sense of adventure?!


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