Friday, December 13, 2002

Technology and culture

Gene(sis): Contemporary Art Explores Human Genomics is a major traveling exhibition that showcases powerful new artwork created in direct response to recent developments in human genomics. (via nsop) One of my committee members, Philip Thurtle, has an article there: The Genomic Book of the Dead: A Manual for More Conscious Death in the Post-Genomic Era. It's really good, as are many of the other essays. Oh yeah, and the art! Also via nsop: hugh's ominous valve works. The title alone is sweet, but there's all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff there.

Via boingboing - Total Information Awareness (TIA) System - scientia est potentia. And the AgoraPhone.

I wish all book reviews were as nice as this one: A Review of The Emerging Cyberculture: Literacy, Paradigm, and Paradox.

Magnus Torstensson, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and Erik Sandelin, Interaction Design, K3, Malmö University: A Taste for Bitters. "Through the design of a series of portable, personal devices, we will investigate how the narrative potential and the psychological and behavioural dimensions of interactive, electronic objects can be taken advantage of in this interchange of costly signals. What new means of expression could these digital artefacts give rise to?"

Computers as Persuasive Technologies: macrosuasion and microsuasion.

Jason Tester. "Exploring and designing socially-beneficial interactive technologies: products and services that engage people in environmental, health, community-building, social, and self-improvement domains."

Another Interaction Ivrea student, Karmen Franinovic and her projects amni(0)ptic surface and mute-plateau_lab. Very cool.


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