Saturday, December 7, 2002

On routine

I've been out and about most of this week, which is a bit of a departure from my normal routine. I never realise how much I value my routines until something disrupts them ;)

I am really anti-social for the first few hours of every day - my partner can attest to how much I despise being asked questions before I've been awake for a few hours ;) He leaves for work between 7:30 and 8:00 and I lay in bed until shortly after he leaves. Then I get up and drink whatever coffee is left, and debate whether or not I should make another pot. Then I sit down at my computer and check my lists to see what needs to be done and what can be avoided. As quickly as possible, I do what needs to be done. Usually this takes a couple of hours. By then I am pretty much awake and feeling more friendly - so I take a shower and get dressed. Then I read and write for a few hours, listening to really really loud music. A few times a week, I meet my friends (who have real jobs) for lunch. Then I usually come home and take a nap. And then I read and write for another several hours until J. gets home from work. While school is in session, I spend two afternoons a week on campus - teaching, meeting students and doing library research. And, of course, there's the daily physical exercise that allows me to remain pretty-much inactive the rest of the day without falling apart.

But contract work interferes with this routine. First, occasionally and inevitably, a client will schedule a morning meeting. I particularly dislike when that happens, and when I get to choose the time, it's always in the afternoon. My meetings this week were seriously agitating, and threw me off for the rest of each day. Don't get me wrong - I currently have some good clients and we're working on a great project. It's the relatively sudden re-immersion in work, and consequently, the elimination of my regular research routine that I'm disliking right now.

But I woke up today, and there was nothing that needed to be done. How glorious :-)


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