Friday, December 20, 2002

"I burn energy, and accumulate material possessions, and am totally wired, therefore I am."

Tom Sherman's Always Nice to be Recognized takes a look at the future of privacy and individual autonomy.

"Privacy is important because it allows us to pretend we are something, anything, we are not. It gives us the space we need to practice things we would like to be good at someday. Privacy makes us secure by letting us know we are very different than people think we are. We need privacy because it is the extra space we need to grow new 'parts,' as we are being used up and mangled everyday in the brutal, real world. We need a space where we can be true to ourselves, no matter what the consequences outside. There is so much compromise required outside."

(Adam - here's your "safe harbours of slow time" and "moments of amnesty".)

And I love this line about not being able to get away: "Because I know that people are listening to my inner voice, I cannot afford to feel the way I once did."


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