Sunday, December 8, 2002

Holiday Specials for Hackers You Love

The wonderful folks at 2600 have put together holiday gift packages: "In the spirit of Homeland Security, we've put together a collection of holiday packages specifically designed for you to feel more secure in your homeland. After all, an educated populace is a secure populace. But an educated populace is also a DANGEROUS populace, especially in this case."

Each package comes with a corresponding American Homeland Security risk label - low, guarded, elevated, high and severe - and suggestions on what to tell authorities when you are questioned. For example, if you go with the Guarded Risk package, "Upon interrogation, we suggest telling the authorities that you were drawn into the hacker world by all of the bright colors and high tech gadgetry and that you've learned your lesson." And on the Severe Risk package: "What can we say? By even reading this, you're demonstrating some dangerous tendencies. This is the mother of all packages, designed to scare children, turn friend against friend, and cause civil unrest in the streets. Once the mailman has delivered this to your door and jotted down your name, you will become part of a group of people who have an insatiable desire to learn about technology, share information, and ask a lot of questions. In other words, you will be doomed."

LOL. But can someone please tell me why certain packages are only available to Americans?


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