Monday, December 9, 2002

Developing new course

Some of you may remember my dismay a few months ago when I learned that I am one course-credit short for my degree (I still can't believe it took so long for someone to notice this). So - in January I have to start developing a new course, and I must defend the syllabus, bibliography and teaching units. I've been given the title and course-description and now I'm on my own.

Social Studies of Information, Technology and Knowledge
The social contexts, networks and local embeddedness of knowledge and information over time and in relation to global data flows. The cultural contexts of information, its difference from knowledge, how information is articulated with humans in organisations, and a critical perspective on information as power.

I'd like to post each teaching unit as I develop it, and ask for feedback.

My advisor for this project is Philip Thurtle. He teaches some great courses and has done some really interesting research.


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