Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Amsterdam Real Time

THIS is brilliant: "During two months (3 Oct to 1 Dec 2002) all of Amsterdam's citizens [were] invited to be equipped with a tracer-unit. This is a portable device developed by Waag Society which is equipped with GPS: Global Positioning System. Using satellite data the tracer calculates its geographical position. These tracers' data are sent in realtime to a central point. By visualizing this data against a black background traces, lines, appear. From these lines a (partial) map of Amsterdam constructs itself. This map does not register streets or blocks of houses, but consists of the sheer movements of real people." Check out these diaries in traces - or personal and cumulative maps of Amsterdam. (via boingboing)

THIS is social computing ;) What/Where/When/Who is Amsterdam? Amsterdam is the ever-changing - personal and collective - movements of the people. These movements are traced in real-time, and projected into the past and future. Add the ability for users to simultaneously create/witness/collect memories and myths - of the lived city - and we're good to go!


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