Thursday, November 7, 2002


More on Asilomar: Taking the piss out of IA and the v-2 definition of the practice at its best: "truly innovative thinking about ways in which we might order information to allow the human texture to emerge from it. It's not, just, about findability as far as I'm concerned, but about the differences in voice and stance that distinguish one community from another, one company from the next, one blogger from all the rest."

I couldn't agree more - but I rarely succeed at convincing a client that texture and voice are what's important. They don't seem to speak that language ;)

And on Physics: the Metafilter community weighs in on the "Bogdanov Affair" - and largely on the side of Science...

But I got a kick out of John Horgan's article that describes the decline of Real Science into a state of Ironic Science (which "resembles literature or philosophy or theology in that it offers points of view, opinions, which are, at best, "interesting," which provoke further comment. But it does not converge on the truth. Psychology and the social sciences, of course, consist of little BUT ironic science, such as Freudian psychoanalysis, Marxism, structuralism and the more ambitious forms of sociobiology. Some observers say all these untestable, far-fetched theories are signs of science's vitality and boundless possibilities. I see them as signs of science's desperation and terminal illness.")

And out of fairness to a recent email, I'll concede that the Sokal comparison seems unwarranted. But, as with the Schon case, I reiterate my claim that these situations offer the opportunity for academic disciplines to rearticulate their boundaries and authority. And that's interesting enough for me.


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