Friday, November 8, 2002

This and That

"Two of the internet's 13 root name servers have been separated to improve the stability and security of the web's address system, following a major attack two weeks ago. The move is meant to prevent a power failure or similar technical problem from knocking both servers out simultaneously. It should also make it more difficult for hackers to attack the servers by targeting the same part of the company's network."

HP's wireless keyboards can transmit data to other computers in faraway buildings. "No this is not a feature but an astonishing security flaw." Uh huh.

Kudos to Matt Jones for replacing the word "information" with "meaning" in the Asilomar Institute's Manifesto. I was having a hard time figuring out what Andrew Hinton meant by information, and this makes much more sense to me. But can you imagine the glazed eyes if people were to start using a phrase like "Meaning Architecture" to describe what they do? Yikes! That reminds me of a consultant who used the title "Epistemologist" - which just scared the shit out of everyone ;)


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