Friday, November 29, 2002

Networks and flows

Explorations of Manuel Castells' "space of flows" (annotated bibliography)

Ulf Hannerz - Flows, boundaries and hybrids: keywords in transnational anthropology (pdf)

Felix Stalder - The Space of Flows: notes on emergence, characteristics and possible impact on physical space

The Disappearing Computer Initiative: Emerging Functionality

Geert Lovink: Dark Fiber "examines the inner workings of social networks beyond intention and rhetoric. Net criticism should not so much be defined as yet another emerging discipline with literary criticism and cultural studies as its predecessors, but rather it is described as a collaborative form to create networked discourses in which theory and practice, code and content, reflection and production, interface design and network architecture are closely intertwined." See also: A Virtual World is Possible, Autonomy Design and The New Actonomy


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