Thursday, November 7, 2002


Peterborough, Ontario is a weird little city. There's a big Quaker Oats plant that employs tons of people and, on windy days, makes the city smell like hot cereal. And it's home to Trent, Canada's self-proclaimed "Outstanding Small University," where I did my MA - and the only University where I've seen profs smoke up in their offices, you can submit a knitted scarf as a final project in Cultural Studies, and a bunch of things to which I was sworn secrecy ;)

One of my favourite things about living there for three years was being able to go into Marginal Distribution and root through the stacks. Fellow Canadians will appreciate being able to get the best of AK Press, Amok, Atomic, Autonomedia and Last Gasp books - amongst others - with no duty for over-the-border shipping.


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