Sunday, November 10, 2002

I like people again

A bit of a nasty hangover (mental note: don't start so early in the afternoon) has slowed me down this morning, and I took the opportunity to answer some email. Given my recently flagging faith in humanity, I was really pleased to have gotten so many intelligent, funny and kind messages - thanks to all.

Craig nicely appropriated - for the anti-intellectual property movement - the statement (quoted from this article), "Not only do we lose the benefits of the new technology, but we also, and more importantly, fail to understand what the new technology means." Justin gave me a new excuse to use during awkward moments: "But if some drunk dude is going to push me... I don't have time to ask myself "What would Jesus do?" Heh heh. Someone from South Africa (I'm so sorry I deleted your messages and can't remember your name!) wrote about Aristotle's concept of mimesis not suggesting a copy, but rather a re-creation or re-imagining. A subtle point, but very valuable... And an old friend wrote to remind me that "It's not just about who you're with. It's about who you get to be when you're with them." A guiding principle of social anthropology, and one I've recently had trouble applying to my own life's work. Thank you ;)

But I promised myself I would actually do some research this weekend - no rest for the wicked - and currently on my desk are: Geert Lovink's Dark Fiber and Suguru Ishizaki's Improvisational Design.


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