Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Skater sell-out

From the Village Voice, "The Boom Boom HuckJam is a choreographed action-sports spectacle featuring the top athletes from vert skating, BMX stunt, and freestyle motocross. The BMX and skateboard athletes flow through rehearsed runs on a massive ramp set, while the motocross athletes launch through the air, pulling tricks. Meanwhile, one of several big-name punk bands, depending at which venue the 22-city coast-to-coast tour is stopping, thrashes out a live set to all the action. The sets are at least as complex as those for a Madonna show. What was once a rebel activity is now flush with corporate sponsors plying the crowd with such 21st-century snacks for the whole family as pudding in a tube."

"Tony Hawk has been skating professionally for 20 years, through the sport's constant boom and bust cycles, and he's been the top vert skater for about two-thirds of that time. Today, he is a multimillionaire with his own video-game franchise, plus skateboard and production companies. His annual income has been estimated at $10 million. He is also the father of three boys, and he lives in a large house in a gated community in Carlsbad, California. And finally, he lacks a badass attitude and any visible tattoos. All of which contribute to make Hawk an icon to skateboard fans and, more importantly, to their wallet-wielding parents. Most skaters grasp the vibe about Hawk. Says 15-year-old Luis Orozco, who attended the San Jose show, "Younger kids are coming to this event because Tony Hawk is a good father figure. He's not a punky skater that parents hate."

You know you're suffering from nostalgia when stories like this make you sad ;)


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