Thursday, October 17, 2002

Should have gone to the UK for my doctorate

Much annoyed yesterday to learn that I am a half-course short for my degree requirements (you'd think someone would have noticed this earlier!). You'd also think five courses were enough - and so for about the millionth time, I wish I had gone to the UK where I wouldn't have to do coursework and could just focus on my own research. It's just so damn hard to get funding to go overseas, and all this despite being born British...

Determined to make the best of this, I have requested permission to develop one of two proposed courses for a new program at Carleton:

Design and Presentation of Information: "Inquiry into the social construction and social impact of information as manifested in its presentation and representation. Issues of verbal, graphic and virtual representation."

Knowledge Spaces: "The cross-cultural transfer and global-local translations of knowledge and information in various media, art forms and organisational systems. Examples will include catastrophes, social exclusion and the mismanagement of knowledge and information."

Great potential here...


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