Thursday, October 10, 2002

I really should pay more attention

Imagine my dismay this morning when I realised that one of my favourite hacker culture resources - - is no longer online. They stopped publishing their lists of global web defacements in May 2001, but the archives were still available a few months ago. I always enjoyed the catalog of hacker exploits, but my favourite content was their comprehensive collection of individual statements on hacker ethics. Those were gold to anyone interested in the cultural aspects of hacking.

I am depressed to see that this slipped by me, and have to conclude that this is yet another occasion when work has interfered with my ability to keep up on my research. I hate when that happens! I'm just thankful I had the foresight to print all of the ethics stuff while it was still available...

Incidentally, this came to my attention when I checked my site logs and noticed that my research on hacker culture gets more visits than any other part of the site beyond the blog. So I checked to see when I last updated it - end of January!! - and thought I'd do some work on it this morning, starting with a link check.

The content and amount of traffic might account for why the U.S. military (the National Internet Protocol Router Network, also known as the NIPRNET, an unclassified, but listed sensitive DoD WAN) regularly spiders the site, but then again a fair amount of my research involves things in which they have a hand. It also seems to be a favourite of folks in Eastern Europe - I wonder how many 14-year-olds do a search for "hack" or "warez" and find this instead?! I suspect they'd be disappointed, but still people come back.


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