Wednesday, October 16, 2002

How I'm going to spend my afternoon

Reading Baltasar and Blimunda by Jose Saramago - a twisted little love story set in Lisbon during the Inquisition and the plague. Oh joy!

And I have office hours at the University... it's depressing that so far none of my students have expressed any interest in doing their research projects on the sociology of science & tech. It seems that despite my better efforts, they are still stuck in the sociological time warp that is race, class and gender.

Update: As I mentioned my surprise that no one has chosen to do an observational study of a bar, I was stunned to learn that many of my students are under-age! While I still suspect lots of these kids lack sufficient imagination, some of them were born in the early 80s (which is hardly their fault) and I feel old! But maybe I'm just disappointed because being under-age never kept me out of the bar, and of course I should not counsel my students to break the law ;)


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