Sunday, October 6, 2002

Doors of Perception 7: Flow

Let me know if you make it to this conference on the design challenge of pervasive computing, 14-16 November, in Amsterdam. Some damn interesting folks will be in attendence.

From their mailing list: Urban Drift, a collaborative platform for contemporary urban strategies / a network initiating and supporting urban interventions / a hybrid urban praxis, opening up and communicating architecture to a wider audience / urban survival strategies / time-based architecture, temporary and ephemeral / urban transformation and the reanimation of lost, forgotten, hidden city spaces / drift-inspired by random movement / neon-inspired / trans-cultural collaboration / the city as a medium / scavenging, remapping, resampling the city in light, sound and text / urban nomadism / 24 hours nightwalking / the reinvention of spaces / intervention / urban curating / working with the city's second skin / fluid identities which are never fixed, communicating a mobile, fluid urbanity / reading the city as text / psychogeographies the space of relationships / the creation of urban situations / stalking peripheral urban spaces / process-driven urban design / garage settlements / urban voids / urban animators / to know is to insert something into what is real and hence to distort reality / container cities / born in berlin - city in a state of flux / but modular, viral, transportable and translatable elsewhere / drift via text / smart materials, mobile telephone technologies and new hybrid cultures in urban design / soundscapes / reanimating the real / multiple identites...

(Sorry, but I do love lists.)


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