Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Bits & Pieces

Thanks to everyone who pointed out this latest commercial application of intelligent fibres - it's so nice to have people looking out for your interests! One of the best things about studying emerging technologies is watching their development in real-time. I keep an archive of all the smart fabrics that make it to market - ranging from 'performance gear' for extreme environmental conditions, to anti-bacterial and odour-reducing textiles, to impossible-to-stain pants.

And I'm particularly interested in less utilitarian fashions - more akin to wearable computers - like dresses that can change colour and shape, or clothes that can communicate with each other... My list in this area is still pretty short, so if you hear of anything interesting, please let me know! (Fashion whores are most likely to come across stuff like this - usually a sidebar in women's fashion mags.)

Since this site serves, in part, as my research record, I constantly add new links and update old posts with new information. I've also been experimenting with the Personal Brain to organise my bibliography and all the bits and pieces I write as they occur to me - it's quite flexible as an archival tool, but I can't yet speak to how effective it will be in the long run ;)

On another topic, I've been fielding enough questions-of-a-more-personal-bent lately to have added a small About PLSJ section to the site. I have mixed feelings about such things, but you'll find out how the site got its name, a few things about me, and more complete contact information. Cheers!


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