Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Back to my regular interests

After receiving more mail yesterday - including letters from people I haven't heard from in years - than any other day this month, I've decided I don't particularly want to engage people on this level. However, it may be worth mentioning that I also received notes from people who shared my position, and, most heartening, an intelligent and insightful message from someone who was able to contextualise the issue in ways I can appreciate ;)

Anyway... on the radar today:

The Mac OS That Can't Be Tweaked. "For years, one of the big attractions of the Mac was the ability to customize the operating system. Users could completely overhaul the machine's interface, sometimes to the point where it was entirely idiosyncratic. But all that has changed with OS X."

Controlling Robots with the Mind. "People with nerve or limb injuries may one day be able to command wheelchairs, prosthetics and even paralyzed arms and legs by "thinking them through" the motions." (via nosenseofplace)

The Lulu Tech Circus.


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