Thursday, September 5, 2002

students of the future

wired news has a story on the possible future - if microsoft gets its way - of tablet pcs in the lives of students. "Students are back to the daily grind. As their teacher lectures, they take notes with a stylus on a thin, clipboard-size computer. When their first paper is due, students retrieve it from their tablet computers and e-mail it to the teacher. After grading the paper, the teacher e-mails it back to the student and cc's the parents."

the threat of one's "permanent record" takes on new dimensions and all this for kids who have never read 1984...

on a related note, "Market research firm NPD Group recently released a list of the most popular back-to-school items: Along with lip gloss and low-rise jeans, students considered PDAs, MP3 players, digital cameras, scientific calculators and notebook computers must-have items." i'm all for gadgetry over butt-cracks ;)


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