Thursday, September 19, 2002

please forgive my current obsession with my body

given that my back injury has prevented me from participating in a very cool-sounding workshop at the ubicomp conference next week (the trip to sweden is too much right now) - i'm counting on adam to pick up some of my interests and give me a full report upon his return. i know he'll bring some damn fine thinking to the table, and i wish i could be there ;)

on the up side, the radiologist assures me that my spine is all healthy and strong ;) but that does leave me with some serious muscle problems that are interfering with the proper working of some nerves. quite frankly, i've never had much faith in western medicine (maybe it's all those years as an anthropologist dealing with awesome traditional healers) and despite being referred to some snazzy specialist, i'm also crossing over to traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture. maybe these folks will be able to help me - and without scaring the shit out of me ;)


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