Tuesday, September 10, 2002

please don't ask these men!

i don't know where to begin in expressing my distaste for this web site...

maybe it's this description of model elsa benitez: "WHERE YOU KNOW HER FROM... The cover of Sports Illustrated's 2001 Swimsuit Edition, and a Dolce & Gabbana ad with yummy lesbian undertones."

or maybe it's this ranking of singer avril lavigne: "sexiness = 82. While we aren't terribly comfortable applying these criteria to a 17-year-old, we feel an obligation unto our readers that we are bound to fulfill. So let it be said that Avril is developing into a lovely young woman. Her smoldering lips, big blue eyes and pale skin make for an enticing package, one that will only get better with age...She leans toward the arm warmers and neckties, but doesn't sacrifice the revealing tops and tight pants in doing so. It's a combination that keeps the teenage boys and the record execs pleased, both in their own way."

askmen.com divides women into the following categories: actresses, models, single women, beauty pageant contestants and singers.

i had no idea we had come so far...


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