Wednesday, September 4, 2002

philips design

some interesting work is going on at philips design:

smart connections: "Ever since we started developing tools, we have lived in an artificial environment, consisting of our own artefacts. Until now, the artificial objects that we created were unable to 'answer back'. Now, however, objects are almost becoming 'subjects' - intelligent and capable of independent activity. The more objects become 'personalities' in their own right the more both us and them will need to learn to take into account each others' requirements. If adaptability is a key issue, it is then clear that the objects-subjects will have to be designed as open systems - capable to sustain an evolution that is defined within a specific cultural system. This is what we mean with designing Ambient Culture. Ambient Culture focuses on the development of open systems that understand and support the rituals of our living and adapt themselves to people through time and places."

mime (multiple intimate media environments): "The MiME project focuses on the relationship between computer technology and people's experience of their intimate media collections around the home. As computers steadily move into every aspect of personal life, MiME proposes that instead of allowing intimate media to disappear into the computer, artifacts and systems should be designed to better promote human experiences around the collection, storage and sharing of intimate media."


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