Tuesday, October 1, 2002

News from Ubicomp

Because I've been depressed lately about not making it to Sweden, I keep checking for updates from Adam ;) And now I am most impressed by his attempt to re-code a tuple space (see earlier post) as communal or collective memory.

(via v-2.org) "I was immediately put in mind of the beautiful NY Songlines, which is one New Yorker's psychogeographical trace through the city he so obviously loves. I started to wonder what the Songlines would be like if they were populated by the comments of hundreds or thousands of users, what New York would look and feel like if all those tags were available to you in real time as you strolled the streets of the city. It's a simple, almost a trivial, instantiation of ubicomp, and yet it would enrich the experience of citying tremendously - almost painfully, as if the entire weight of the community's gathered experience was pressing down on you. That, of course, is to put a rather negative spin on a state of being I actually think would be quite rewarding, but I think it's worth adding it alongside of the concerns about direction and timing and privacy that the designers of location-based systems already wrestle with."

I enjoy Adam's thinking, in part, because of his attraction to human psychology - a position removed from, but related to, my interests in the social.


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