Saturday, September 28, 2002


There seems to be a case of malaise going around these days. I've had conversations with a half-dozen accomplished individuals in which each has expressed a feeling along the lines of "is this all there is?" And despite the fact that I lead a content existence, I'm inclined to say that's all it is - content. So what's up?

We are all well-educated and passionate people, with relatively interesting jobs that pay well. All of us have people in our lives that we value, and have enough time and resources to do pretty much anything we want. We're all in our thirties, and very few of us have families, children or other constant commitments and responsibilities. So nothing is wrong, and yet it seems that little is right.

Maybe I was spoiled by my upbringing - a time of great adventure and experimentation - but life seems to have become much more static, maybe even boring sometimes. I wonder what it will take to sustain myself - physically and emotionally - for the next ten years. All I know for sure is that I will not be content in ten years if something doesn't give...


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