Tuesday, September 3, 2002

extreme sports

in the past week or so of being incapacitated, i have watched an unusual amount of television. but immobile or not, i still would have watched the x games. the original games in philly broadcast while i was away, so i made myself comfortable for the long haul in re-run this weekend - and it was brilliant!

despite the passage of years, i have not lost my love for skate punks and these boys didn't disappoint. add to that snowboarders (where the girls are) and motocross, and i thought i'd died and gone to heaven ;) there are no words to describe how cool - if wacked out - these people are!

just take this ny times quote from 17 year-old chad robbins: "I've broken my leg, my ankle, my toes, both arms, my knees," he said. "Both wrists have rods in them. I've also been knocked out in a coma for two days." Asked why he was so willing to keep defying death, or at least paralysis, he said: "It's worth the rush. Motocross is my life."



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