Friday, September 13, 2002

addition to earlier post

just read this article in the ny times and, at the risk of offending the same people i claimed solidarity with this morning, i admit to sharing the following concerns:

"On this dark anniversary, the unfettered sympathy with which many foreigners reacted to last Sept. 11 gave way to a more complicated amalgam of emotions... There was skepticism about the way the United States conducts itself abroad. There were questions about the direction the United States is taking and the degree to which allies are being consulted... People around the world are back to resenting the United States for its wealth and willfulness and accusing it of its own sins."

I don't think that's why I feel resentment, but something nonetheless rings true in this next statement...

"It is monstrous, horrible I don't deny that," said Eveline Bureau, 50, of Paris. "But the Americans didn't do anything to avoid what happened on Sept. 11. They have put themselves in danger, and now they put us in danger."

Here's wishing peace and happiness to all of us...


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