Saturday, August 31, 2002

wine geeks

i pride myself on knowing and enjoying a good bottle of wine, but i've never really enjoyed drinking with wine connoisseurs because they tend to take the fun out of it (and i really hate listening to those swishing sounds and sharp inhales). and so, despite finding this discovery rather interesting, i loathe to think of the ensuing lectures - er, conversations - that would arise over a glass...

on a related note, i am a beer drinker. as in, i really like good beer. but beer connoisseurs are no different from their wine counterparts: for example, they do not find jokes about old milwaukee beer to be funny. my off-handed comment that old mil is special because it tastes exactly the same - bad - whether it is warm or cold, was met with icy stares... and while the only reasonable response at that moment would have been to order one, i prefer cream ales ;)

but there is a lesson to be learned from all of this: i'm sure there are people who would testify to my ability to suck the fun out of a conversation when it enters my realms of "expertise"...


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