Thursday, August 29, 2002

thwarting hactivism

a new report from rand explains that "There was a lot of very loose talk about how the Internet was going to bring down all the authoritarian regimes. However, the Chinese government has proven surprisingly nimble over the past five or six years in surpassing the technological challenges the dissidents have presented them."

wired news reports that "Most Chinese Internet users are young, well-educated men in eastern cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Only 2 percent are rural peasants, although peasants make up the bulk of China's population of 1.2 billion... Some, particularly Chinese expatriates, use unsolicited e-mail to recipients in China. While such spam is considered a nuisance in the United States, in China an e-mail to hundreds of thousands of recipients gives readers plausible deniability if they are harassed by government officials. Using the Web has become more difficult thanks to government measures. Chinese Internet surfers used to use "proxy sites" to visit banned websites, though the government, which has complete control over Internet access in China, is quick to block off those proxies within hours of their use."


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