Friday, August 30, 2002

super hero soldiers

it's so depressing when other people are on top of things related to your phd research before you are ;) but then again, it's just exciting to see new directions emerge...

mit's institute for soldier nanotechnologies - those wacky academic and military researchers of intelligent fibres - has been accused of filtching their image of the soldier of the future from a radix comic book character. shame on them ;)

and so - yet again - we come to the convolution of science and mythology. this is the kind of story that gets my phd supervisor all excited about consumer culture, but i tend towards less marxist (?) interpretations. by that i mean i am interested in the connections between mythical heroes and possible futures - these are virtual spaces.

many new technologies draw on imagery from past technologies and events - just think of the myth of the cyberspace frontier. we seem to need to contextualise our scientific and technological advances within earlier accomplishments in order to make them meaningful, which has the effect of simultaneously positioning something as both innovative and ancient. and we all know that sci-fi tells us as much about our past and present, as our future. mit's "soldier of the future" can be seen to exist in a virtual space - emerging between the past and the future, tradition and innovation, myth and reality.

but i'll have to think on this one some more ;)


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