Saturday, August 10, 2002

see you in two weeks!

i'm off tomorrow at the crack of dawn, and by the end of the day i expect to be sitting on the porch of my cabin on the sea, eating bbq lobster and drinking cold beer ;)

this means that yours truly will be spending her 30th birthday on a sailboat off the coast of cape breton island, watching the whales and seals. we're spending two full weeks on the island, alternating between some back-country camping and seaside cabins.

the mountains and the ocean have always been my favourite environments, and neither can be found where i currently live. so i chose to take my vacation on an island where the highlands meet the sea ;) plus, i'm told that people come from far and wide to see our country - it bugs me that i have lived all over the world and have not seen canada...

but mostly, i'm looking forward to no computers, cell phones or cities. i even promised myself not to bring anything related to work or research... all i want to do is go swimming, explore the tidal pools, and sit quietly. and with any sort of luck, i will wake up in my tent on the edge of a cliff to the sound of whales singing...

i'll tell you all about it when i get back ;) in the meantime, i highly recommend the movie margaret's museum - a brilliant story about the human cost of coal mining in 1940s cape breton.


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