Friday, August 2, 2002

for linda

i know it's still two months away, but i'm gearing up for our trip to new york and if you don't start coming up with places you want to see and things you want to do, then you will be at my mercy!

the bronx zoo is probably the best zoo i have ever seen, and i know you'd be interested in the new congo gorilla forest. you'll love that the animals don't live in cages (a few are left standing empty to remind you.) we also have to go to the new york aquarium, because you can actually touch horseshoe crabs (those crazy creatures most related to trilobites) and little stingrays. they also have a bunch of turtles and a room powered by electric eels. (thank god you're as much a geek as i am!)

it took me three months of staying in new york to finally see all the museums i wanted, so we will have to pick and choose ;) but i'll take you to where i lived in spanish harlem and we'll get some really good dominican food and check out the graffitti. (don't worry, i still have gringa latina status.)

and for sure i'll take you to all the places in the east village where marc (that gorgeous graphic designer from barcelona i lived with) and i spent our free time. it takes less than ten minutes down there to realise that canadian censorship laws suck ass - how dare our government hide all that amazing literature from us!

can you tell i'm looking forward to it?! stay healthy my friend - we're going to need our strength!


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