Wednesday, August 28, 2002

the betwixt-and-between

been reading the work of sue broadhurst, professor at brunel, on digital performance and liminality - including the human body tracking project. very interesting stuff.

also came across an interesting article by Josephine Machon, where she argues for (syn)aesthetic performances - "(Syn)aesthetics provides a discourse that defines simultaneously the impulse and processes of production and the subsequent appreciation strategies which incorporate reception and interpretation. It presents a discourse for ‘polysemantic’, non-genre specific performance embracing intertextual practice and celebrating the interface between, and flux within, linguistic, corporeal and technological praxis." and in (syn)aesthetic experience "there must be an element of disturbance, of disquiet and (re)cognition."

given my firm belief that communication is much more about performance than representation, these notions offer fertile ground for exploring interfaces, and specifically the liminal spaces created between the virtual and the actual.


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