Thursday, July 4, 2002


three hours with my committee today and i think they managed to get every synapse in my brain firing... absolute pleasure and pain: like the 23rd orgasm in an hour ;) sweet! but am i ever fucking tired and so not-wanting to talk to people!

i managed to create an excellent roadmap of my entire thesis, and will start to flesh out the bits into, maybe, three or four chapters. and there's the burden of publication... we also discussed some sort of multimedia dissertation project which sounds quite promising...

i particularly enjoyed inserting an utterly meaningless map into my paper and listening to them debate what it represented. turns out that circles and lines have no less authority than boxes and arrows ;) but it proved an interesting conversational intro to notions of non-representation and mapping... (although i believe one of my committee members now finds me unacceptably flippant.)

all in all a very good day...

oh yeah - except for the 35 degree weather with humidity pushing it over 40. that still sucks.


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