Wednesday, July 17, 2002

nylon hotpants

nylon is "a computer graphics & hardware programming reality" developed by the aesthetics & computation group at mit, and hotpants is the name they gave to their display device. i can imagine all sorts of playful things that could be done with this technology, and little vision/tiny stories is a great start: "LittleVision is the Hotpants display device modified so that it can play 25-seconds of video. We record the video using a webcam and special software developed by Justin Manor. Then the video is compressed and burned directly onto the PIC microcontroller onboard the Hotpants display, making it a self-contained video brick. Tiny Stories is the name we gave to a workshop run by Megan Galbraith, Simon Greenwold, Justin Manor, and James Seo, in which in 1 1/2 hours we had eleven people with no previous exposure to this technology film their own tiny movies and burn them onto bricks they took home." that's fun.


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