Monday, July 8, 2002

military games

first, for those of you who think that it would be brilliant to know me intimately: ask jason what kind of temper tantrum i can throw when there is no evaporated milk for my coffee in the morning... sorry love.

second, if certain guys out there have any desire to continue being my friends, they will stop sending me emails about how hot avril lavigne is. she's seventeen and you're old enough to be her father, you pervs!

third, because it's that sort of morning, i recommend checking this out. all i really want to know is who the US army is hoping to recruit this way... it may just be me, but i'd like to see a school of the americas training game. you could go through training, then back to your home country with american support, raise a little hell, and then finish the game several years later in a US court of law...


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