Thursday, July 25, 2002

i wanna build robots

i know this isn't new, but i've been checking out asimo, the new honda robot. "The functions of Honda's humanoid robot are defined as follows: An operational system that autonomously performs typical operations under known circumstances... It is extremely important that through the evolution of hardware we achieve physical autonomy by improving dynamic performance and adaptability to wider variations of working conditions. Also important is the pursuit of studies in artificial intelligence systems, which will provide the solution for improved autonomy. If all these are achieved, the robot will not require the support of a human operator for minute correction operations. In terms of software, we should aim at promoting a social infrastructure where humanoid robots will be widely and easily accepted. This is a particularly significant issue when considering the appearance of the humanoid robot. Honda hopes that the time will come when humanoid robots play an important role in serving us and enriching our lives and society." despite looking like a friendly stormtrooper, asimo is pretty damn cool!

i don't know about you, but i've never been fond of a definition of intelligence or life that only requires that a machine respond to stimuli. i'm convinced that i am much more than a neural net... nonetheless, there appears to be room for anthropologists in finding a place for robots in social life - and that's encouraging to me ;)


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