Saturday, July 6, 2002

i ate too many strawberries yesterday and got a stomach ache.

one of the fondest memories of my undergrad is space moose - a truly offensive but hilarious comic strip written by adam thrasher, a phd student at the university of alberta. space moose attracted a great deal of hate mail despite the fact that libertarian (and american-loving) albertans usually stand behind everyone's right to do or say anything they want. although hard-pressed to choose my favourite, snow white and the semen dwarves, the prof has a boner, and phd in defecation rank right up there. for several years i decided if i could be friends with people based on whether or not they thought that space moose was funny... now i wouldn't be so judgmental, but we're still bound to get on better if the comics also make you piss yourself laughing ;)


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