Tuesday, July 16, 2002

final meal requests

as a firm opponent of capital punishment, i'll admit that i bit back in 2000 when salon ran an article called "Texas' death-row peep show" and wrote that "The state doesn't just hold a record for executions -- it proudly posts online the macabre details of hundreds of convicts' last suppers and final words." i just had to check it out.

true enough, the texas department of criminal justice continues to keep up-to-date records of final meal requests. for two years i have read these records and thought, yeah, i'd ask for that too. or, hell, i wouldn't eat that even if it were my last meal. and i've wondered about the guys who didn't request anything. is there a standard or default execution meal? or do they go hungry?

but sometimes when i've checked out the site, a man has been executed the day before. i read his name, his crime and the final words he spoke. but all i can think about is that we had very similar meals that day. and that maybe, when all is said and done, we are both just people who like enchiladas.

so, when i found this screen saver the other day, i was pleasantly surprised that someone had finally made something beautiful of all this information...


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