Monday, June 3, 2002

serenade me

zoe recently got me thinking about blogs as reified confessions, and i continued to think about intimate technologies...

here are the lyrics for a song that was written for me in 1991.

to think that life (i could be love)
was meant today
(i could be the only thing that you're dreaming of)
i speak in tongues (i could be greed)
i hear in code
(i could be the only thing that you ever need)
i feel despair (i could be touch)
i feel inspired
(i could be the hand on your flesh that you crave so much)
like talking to a ghost...

i found the time (i could be age)
but lost the pleasure
(i could be the tears of shame or the shouts of rage)
i burned the manor (i could be need)
but built desire
(i could be the smallest spark in the tiny seed)
i don't use language (i could be word)
i don't use names (made into flesh)

welcome to easter island
the crossroads await your choice
put your hands together for billy mandelbrot
please don't touch the rocks


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