Wednesday, June 12, 2002

the nuge

ted nugent is a really weird guy. i'm too young to remember him as a rock star, although i can conjure 'cat scratch fever'. what fascinates me about the nuge is that he swears, as a devout christian, that he has never done drugs. yeah, whatever. and as a raving conservative, he also sits on the board of the NRA. but mostly i like him because he is a serious bow hunter.

i grew up in a house with guns, and although i am really against everyone carrying, i have no problem with firearms in general. i've known lots of subsistence hunters over the years, and plenty of target shooters. guns don't scare me in the least. but i have also known trophy hunters and they really piss me off. not only do their houses look like (un)natural history museums, but they think it is 'sporting' to kill closed-range animals with high-powered rifles or, worse yet, automatics. i always wanted to see how tough these guys are when some crazed animal is bearing down on them and they only have a stick. poachers also suck.

and so, back to ted nugent, bow-hunter extraordinaire. bow hunting is sporting. it takes incredible skill and patience, and is predicated on humility and respect for nature and animals. short of killing an animal with bare hands, this is as fair a fight as possible. i can respect that.

amy benfer, at, interviews the nuge about his new cookbook 'kill it and grill it'. this is where the guy's sense of humour shines. i'd go to his place for a bbq.

on another note : world's largest ant colony found in europe. "The colony is 3,600 miles long, stretching from the Italian Riviera to northwest Spain. It consists of billions of Argentine ants living in millions of nests that cooperate with each other. Some ant colonies can achieve a cooperative effort which allows them to work as one single unit, and in essence, one being."


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