Thursday, June 20, 2002

more mobiles

interesting 1998 article from mechanical engineering, art historian joan marter's "The Engineer Behind Calder's Art".

and i just finished reading "Reproducing works of Calder" in The Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, May 2001, where the authors argue that "mobiles, or moving sculptures, such as those designed by Alexander Calder cannot be reproduced realistically by photographs and/or static images. The real characteristics of mobiles come from the motions generated by interactive external forces applied to their structures. Hence people could not fully enjoy them through static images or even static three-dimensional models. We present a virtual mobile system where users can easily control the mobile and can feel the impressions that the artist originally intended to provide. Virtual winds are generated by blowing on a microphone which then exert external forces to the mobile. This microphone interface lets users control the mobile while they are watching it through a monitor. We introduce a linear time solution for the constraint dynamics and an improved impulse dynamics to speed up the simulation. Using these techniques, we achieve a real-time simulation of the mobile on personal computers." hmm...


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