Friday, June 28, 2002

i taught guys like this for a year...

i just got a call from the national police association asking if my business would like to sponsor a police campaign to ensure that young offenders are more severely punished for car-jacking. an absolutely fascinating young officer described to me why a young offender should serve 8-10 years in adult prison. no rehabilitation ("it's not possible for most of them, ma'am...") just punishment. he wanted a world where young people have "respect for authority" and he used china as an example of efficiency in punishment. he deeply believed in teaching kids harsh lessons and giving them a "healthy fear" of authority. and he was equally convinced that this would make a better world for "all of us." on a related note, more than $300 million was spent "protecting us" from the G8 protests in the last couple of days and nothing happened. all i know for sure is that i am not part of this "us"...


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