Tuesday, June 25, 2002


i was supposed to give some software training today but there were server problems and now here i am at home again... but the trip was worthwhile because i got to start the day by embarrassing myself. and all because i am a gadget whore with cheesy taste in music.

in order to psych myself up for the day, i was riding the elevator in a government office listening to pat benatar really loud. (i miss napster... and love my mini-disc player.) i was the only one in the elevator, so i didn't notice that i had been singing out loud until the door opened and i was met by 6 people pissing themselves laughing. apparently they had heard me coming for several floors. not bad, until you think about what i was belting out: pat f***** benatar! heartbreaker, to be more precise.

You're the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasies
The invincible winner, you know that you were born to be
You're a heartbreaker, dreammaker,
Love-taker, don't you mess around with me
You're a heartbreaker, dreammaker,
Love-taker, don't you mess around, no no no

it's true. i suck. but consider this: when i was in grade six i saw joan jett on stage wearing a bikini and combat boots, with the word SLUT written in lipstick across her belly. she was screaming "do you wanna touch?" and any guy who reached out to touch her got a swift kick. the original riot grrl - she was the coolest chick i had ever seen! and although pat benatar is not nearly as cool, she really impressed me around that age too. all the girls around me were stuffing their bras and acting dumb to attract the boys in class. that game seemed pointless to me and i needed different role models...

but it's a gorgeous afternoon and i'm going to sit on my deck and work on a site map...


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