Thursday, May 30, 2002

lowercase sound

"Lowercase sound is the name given to a loose movement in electronic music that emphasizes very quiet sounds and the long, empty silences between them. Created largely by scientists, techies and experimental musicians, lowercase recordings are frequently based on the magnification of minute sounds." Go to Wired's Whisper the Songs of Silence. Be sure to check out "Otaku Yakuza's "In the Space of a Second" (1000 samples a millisecond long each were put together to make a complete "song" of 1 second in length with silence added before and after)." How fucking cool is that?!

"In the 1920s a Russian inventor named Leon Theremin unveiled the first purely electronic instrument. You played the theremin by waving your hands in the vicinity of two metal rods, controlling pitch and volume, that were attached to a nondescript wooden cabinet. Between the strange arm motions and the instrument's invisible machinations, the theremin's overall effect in performance was theatrical and mysterious." See Salon's article on Robert Moog.


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